Microsoft Virtual Academy 提供的现场培训活动




IT Pros, get a sneak peek at enhancements in Windows 10, including a technical overview. Find out how these improvements can help you meet your enterprise IT and security challenges, including device management, multifactor authentication, and deployment, plus a familiar UI for end users.
If you are considering a move to the cloud, you may need to re-think your approach to all aspects of your business—including marketing, IT purchases, sales compensation, and customer relationship management. The Cloud Profitability Program (CPP) scales Microsoft insights on cloud via virtual events and on-demand resources, with the goal to help Microsoft partners build and grow their cloud practices. The program is designed for traditional and hybrid businesses, C-level and business decision makers (BDMs) at large partner organizations, and companies which deliver project-based, managed, and IP services.

The weekly Cloud Profitability web series features streaming videos to help Microsoft partners learn how to become profitable in the cloud. In addition, a cloud subject matter expert is on hand to answer live questions via a Q&A chat. The sessions take place every Wednesday at 8:30am Pacific Time and last a little less than an hour. You only need to sign up once to register for the complete series. Watch for a reminder one day prior to each session start.
Do you have existing .NET client line-of-business (LOB) applications? Join Microsoft developer experts, and see how to modernize these applications and move them forward. Learn what the Microsoft devices and services strategy is and how existing applications fit in. See demos, and discover how and why to move your LOB applications to Windows Azure, how to use third-party controls to add a modern look and feel, and how to provide your users the ability to use LOB apps on a variety of devices, including Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Do all of this using Visual Studio 2013 and your existing XAML skills!
Join Miranda Luna for a comprehensive, infrastructure-focused look at how your mobile apps can use cloud data, manage users with ease, and quickly deliver push notifications at scale.
Join Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Windows Azure, Scott Guthrie, as he builds a real-world application from scratch, and hear about the platform in a nutshell.
Developers, if you’ve been thinking about Windows Azure for your next application, but aren’t sure where to begin, join this deep dive with Scott Hanselman and get started building applications for the cloud today.
Developers, do you wonder how to design apps for the cloud? Are you interested in best practices for architectures that include services that run in the cloud? Join Marc Mercuri for a day of design and architecture lessons for Windows Azure developers.
Join Cheryl McGuire and Ronald Beekelaar for IT Pro IaaS Jump Start Day. Learn the basics on integrating Windows Azure virtual machines (VMs) into your infrastructure. They explore details about creating VMs, how they behave in Windows Azure, and how to configure good network communication to get things up and running in the cloud.
Learn the skills required to develop, deploy, and scale large-scale web apps in minutes.